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Error message

Posted: Sun Sep 29, 2019 7:46 pm
by Gamster
Hi there

The Americans have sent this over to me and I get the same error messages as they do. The messages appear when selecting print start list and print results. As you can see, no classification selections appear in the window behind the error message and when you try and create one manually, the error message appears.

Data file is attached.

Thanks for your help


Re: Error message

Posted: Mon Sep 30, 2019 9:16 am
by emmanuel
Hi Andy,

For some reason, the scoring file is corrupt, and some parts of it are missing.
Fortunately, the missing part are not key data, and I could repair the file (attached).


Re: Error message

Posted: Mon Sep 30, 2019 4:06 pm
by Gamster
Hi Sir

That's odd - I wonder what caused it. Probably an inadvertent user error or some kind.

Thank you again for the super-fast fix and return.