GPS Airport Interference?

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GPS Airport Interference?

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Last year, while surveying a jump and slalom course, I was getting weird issues with locations. I was using SkiPath to get the GPS coordinates and then import them into the homologation software to complete the surveys. I was finding that the jump survey was getting reversed - ie it was saying the jump was too far down course but when I moved the jump down the course the dimensions got worse. The other oddity was that, when locating the slalom gate camera locations, the survey had them way off for angle (ie 66 degrees or something versus 44). The locations are right as they have been surveyed many times using a total station in the past. Has anyone run into these issues? The site is very close to an international airport - not sure if this impacts GPS signal/readings?
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Re: GPS Airport Interference?

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Hi Paul,

I am not a GPS specialist, but I don't think that an airport in the vicinity can influence the GPS data on your site.

Concerning weird readings: maybe a synchronization problem of the RTK device between fix station and rover ?
Or a software problem ? did you enter the GPS coordinates as decimal degrees, which is what the homologation program expects ?
Or a bug in the software ? Nobody else reported such a problem... which does not means there is no bug...

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