Missing scores from NZL

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Missing scores from NZL

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I hope you are well , I have had a query from one of our athletes that has been competing in New Zealand she has skied in at least two Tournaments classic
23NZL004 and https://www.iwwfed-ea.org/classic/23NZL007/ and one other 23NZL005. However none of these scores are listed in the rankings ? I have checked her ID has been used correctly and that she is active in EMS , so wondered if you could look for me ?
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Re: Missing scores from NZL

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Hi Catherinewh,

This forum is the one for Waterski Scoring software. Not for ranking lists.
Or are you speaking about the ranking list performances loaded when importing an EMS xml file in the Scoring software ?

I am also not responsible for world ranking lists. Bob Corson is doing that... (this is not done (yet) in the EMS...)
Tournament results of 23NZL004 and 23NZL005 (and 23NZL011) do not seem to be received by the the ranking lists system:
see here what have been received this winter.

You may be able to contact the scorer of the different competition and ask them to upload the data score books.

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