Jump Survey

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Jump Survey

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Your jump survey program, if sighting only the “R” on the jump ramp, provides no calculations. I was relocating a jump course in Georgia (U.S. not Europe) yesterday. Unfortunately, the owner was unable to launch his jump because of an under carriage mobilizing failure. The make-shift axle collapsed. He asked if I could, at least, put the buoys in and provide a jump ramp locating buoy with which he could position the jump once he got it into the water. Your program, to my knowledge has no such provision. Additionally you cannot use the program to position the 150, 180 and 210 buoys without R1/R2 entries. The program will provide width information in relation to the 15M line, but no length.

It would be very helpful if an “R” entry would provide all of the calculations except, of course, ramp angle. N’est-ce pas? Est-ce possible?
Rodger Logan
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Re: Jump Survey

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The easy way to set R and find the positions of 150, 180 and 210 is to use the calculations provided by Hervé Tilloy. He shared this some years ago. I have sent the calculations to Rodger. If anyone else needs them, please ask me and I will send.
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Re: Jump Survey

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Hi Rodger,

You can enter for both R1 and R2 the value of R, and you will get all measurements from R.
Simple, n'est-ce pas ?

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