Sure-Path 8-buoy surveys excel tool

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Sure-Path 8-buoy surveys excel tool

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Surveying just became so much easier with Sure-Path and I can not applaud James enough for the development 8) Get the gates fixed and adjust the rest on the water gets you back sipping a bear on the shore in no time.

Since an 8 buoy course is not specifically mentioned in the rules as it is essentially 2 six buoy courses overlayed SP does not yet support it. I am sure James will get to it eventually but boxes are probably flying out the door right now. In the homologation software 8 buoys exists as an element that saves measuring 2 full courses and trying to figure out what to correct since every buoy in the 2 courses are related anyway.

At this point in time with SP you have to measure the 2 courses in each direction as if they are individual courses. After messing about a bit with SP I did a simple spreadsheet to save some time making the full survey. In the spreadsheet you insert both surveys and it collects the right buoys to a combined list that can be copied into the 8-buoy element in the software and you are done. And in the second direction survey you can skip all buoys already surveyed in the first direction. Maybe sounds complicated but it only takes one try before you see the benefits. In the spreadsheet all buoys that is not needed is marked

I use this procedure
1. Survey in direction 1 skipping PG1-PG4. Save file as DIR_1
2. Survey in direction 2 skipping S1-S4, B1-B8, PG1-PG4, Cam1-Cam2. Save file as DIR_2
(during 1 and 2 you can use on water adjustments when the gates are surveyed)
3. Export both surveys from SP to your PC
4. Copy/paste the lists into the corresponding cells in the spreadsheet after saving it with your own name
5. The spreadsheet harvests the relevant buoys into a combined list. Copy/paste the combined list to an 8-buoy element in the software
6. Check your results

Hopefully someone can make use of this simple tool for now. If better methods exists let me know. I will be a happy user 8)

Peter Meldgaard Jacobsen
YYYYMMDD_1 Slalom 8 buoy combined survey.xlsx
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Re: Sure-Path 8-buoy surveys excel tool

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Great description Peter, thank you :)

And, yes when I get time I will make SP support the 8 buoy homologation element directly.

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Re: Sure-Path 8-buoy surveys excel tool

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PMJ wrote: Mon May 31, 2021 1:43 pm sipping a bear on the shore in no time.
I am waiting for the picture of you "sipping a BEAR"... :D

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