Waterski Homologation software

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  • Homologation of Classic, Disabled, Cableski and Barefoot competitions
  • Produce the official electronic IWWF homologation dossier
  • Homologation notice can be printed separatly
  • 1 (polar), 2 or 3 reading theodolite stations supported,
  • Prism-less theodolite supported
  • X,Y coordinates mode supported
  • GPS (latitude, longitude, altitude) coordinates supported (for RTK GPS)
  • Show real buoys position relative to where they should be
  • Interface to read angles from theodolite through Rs232c serial communication over COM, USB, or blue-tooth


Waterski Homologation software is licensed for all IWWF federations, competitions and officials.


Needed configuration:

Any computer with Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, 11.
The software can work on a Windows installed virtual machine on a Mac or Linux.


Download latest version:

Size Download
Homologation software
4 Mb
Leica bluetooth instructions (Nigel T.)
320 kb



Historic of modifications :

Modifications / addressed problems / comments
Report bugs, issues or suggestions on the forum
06/04/2024 2024.02a
  • Waterski jump course: sketch layout improved
  • Waterski video jump boxes:
    buoys A to P renamed as Vi1 to Vi8 (inner buoys) and Vo1 to Vo8 (outer buoys)
  • Video jump buoys: make X-coordinates positive
03/02/2024 2024.01a
  • 2024 edition
  • New 2024 waterski and disabled dossier
  • Waterski jump course tolerances based on 15st-15mt X-axis and 15mt Y-axis
  • Waterski slalom course: possibility to input gate cameras sighting height to measure vertical angle
  • Cableski trick course: T2 tolerances changed to 29m - 36m
04/11/2023 2023.04
  • Setting file for theodolite TS07 added (thanks to Rodger L.)
02/08/2023 2023.03b
  • PDF library updated
10/04/2023 2023.02d
  • 8 buoys slalom course :
    - Correction for boat guide buoys averages:
    now made from same center line, based on outer gates.
    - Possibility to calculate, check and display the 8 buoys course as well as both contained 6 buoys courses.

    - IMPORTANT: the axis (center line) of a 8 buoys course is taken as the middle of outer gates G1/G2 and G7/G8.

    The actual IWWF rule concerns only 6 buoys slalom course.
    The program can now check if both 6 buoys courses contained in the 8 buoys course are in IWWF rule tolerances.
28/03/2023 2023.01e
  • Waterski and Disabled:
    - contains the new 2023 homologation dossier (updated)
25/01/2023 2023.00a
  • All jump courses:
    - In absence of ramp corners survey, the origin of all measurements is taken from ramp center, instead of middle of ramp corners.
  • Video jump box: 8 more buoys added (A to P) to be used if needed.
  • Cableski : new 2023 course
    - G3 and G4 exit gate buoys are back (only one needed depending on cable direction counterclockwise or clockwise)
    - T1 and T2 trick exit gate (also only one needed)
    - Homologation dossier updated with unified ramp size
  • Bug fixes and minor changes
05/11/2022 2022.05b
  • Waterski Jump course:
    - New survey point "R-Shore mark" added, which is the point on the shore that lines up with the front of the ramp. Ramp Angle is measured.
  • Bug correction: ramp corners were vertically inverted in video jump box sketches when the jump direction is inverted.
  • Waterski: site code table updated
08/06/2022 2022.04c
  • Waterski Slalom course:
    - Judge tower survey point names "Tr1/2" changed to "Gate cam 1/2"
    - End course cameras point names "Cam1/2" changed to "End cam 1/2"
  • All jump courses :
    - Ramp R1, R2, R point names changed to
    "R1-Outer", "R2-Inner" and "R-Center"
  • Survey date and time set when reading data through the rs232c interface or importing a GPS csv data file
23/05/2022 2022.03b
  • Waterski jump course: change BPMS check list to 180m buoy (IWWF rule v2)
09/05/2022 2022.03
  • Polar survey with prismless theodolite :

    New "sighting height" value which represent the sighting height above water (above he middle of the buoy) to survey a spherical buoy.
    The radius of the spherical buoy at sighting height will be added to the polar distance, for increased accuracy.
    Default value is 5cm, which is about half the part of the buoy above the water.
    Radius at sighting height = SQR_ROOT(BuoyDiameter²/4 - SightingHeight²)
    - 20cm skier buoy measured at 5cm above the middle of buoy :
    8,66cm instead of 10cm wil be added to polar distance.
    - 22cm guide buoy measured at 5cm above the middle of buoy :
    9.80cm instead of 11cm wil be added to polar distance.

    For cylindrical buoys, leave the field empty, as the buoy radius should always be fully added.

  • New buttons to set gate/skier/guide buoys shape (sphere or cylinder) and diameter at once.
22/03/2022 2022.02
  • Waterski slalom course: width average changed to max 11.48-11.54m (2022 rule)
  • Bug fixes and minor changes
27/02/2022 2022.01e
  • 2022 edition
  • Setup was not runned automatically as administrator. This is now the case.
  • GPS coordinates: always read as decimal degrees
  • Waterski dossier: Ramp tolerances updated to 6.50-7.00m (2022 rule)
  • Cableski: slalom course updated according to 2022 rule with new B7 buoy
  • Cableski dossier: ramp type added to check tolerances accordingly
  • Bug fixes and minor changes
07/04/2021 2021.02b
  • Data files installation location is now in "%ProgramData%\Waterski\Homologation" folder.
    Personal .theo files should be automatically moved to that directory.
  • Rs232c window: Buttons to edit or open .theo file in explorer
  • Waterski: site code list updated with Awsa list
  • Waterski dossier: correction on BPMS check list
20/02/2021 2021.01c
  • 2021 edition
  • Waterski slalom course:
    - Boat guide average calculated: max tolerance +/-4cm
    - End course camera position tolerance updated to +/-10cm
    - G1-G4 and G2-G3 diagonals calculated for proof
  • Waterski dossier: update to 2021 dossier with boat path monitoring
23/11/2020 2020.03e
  • Waterski:
    - 109m tolerances removed from waterski slalom course for ranking homologation, but remain for normal homologation (E&A rule)
  • Video jump buoys: display of coordinates is corrected
  • Waterski dossier: ramp top edge to water line tolerances corrected to 6,40 to 7,10.
  • Waterski dossier: "Video Tape Measure" add to jump measurment system list
  • Waterski trick course: buoys color changed to green and red like rule book
05/06/2020 2020.02
  • Waterski dossier:
    - changed the rule number according to new rule book
    - ramp measurement updated according to rule 10.02
15/03/2020 2020.01
  • 2020 edition
  • Classic discipline renamed to "Waterski"
  • Cableski: new 4 buoys slalom course
  • Cableski: list of officials to choose from
06/10/2019 2019.03d
  • Classic: "SplashEye" and "Video Stopwatch" added to trick timing manufacturer list
  • Classic: Official list and site code list updated
01/05/2019 2019.03a
  • Classic & disabled: 7.10m ramp ratio and height checked according to new ramp setting chart
  • Classic: official list updated
28/02/2019 2019.02e
  • Classic: added 7.10m ramp line measurment to homologation dossier
    and 1m80 ramp ratio changed from 0.271 to 0.266
20/11/2018 2018.05
  • New specific barefoot "video jump buoys" element
23/07/2018 2018.04a
  • New GPS coordinates mode.
    To use with RTK GPS system (differential GPS with fix basis station)
    see discussion here
  • Import csv file with drag&drop
  • Bug fixes
02/06/2018 2018.03
  • Barefoot: new "official list" element with barefoot specific positions
  • Classic: official list updated
01/05/2018 2018.02
  • Classic: official list updated
03/03/2018 2018.01
  • 2018 edition
  • Check and install update directly from software
15/09/2017 2017.05b
  • Cableski: new "official list" element with cableski specific positions
  • Cableski: dossier changes and tolerances update
  • Classic: site code database updated
30/06/2017 2017.04
  • Classic: official list updated
10/06/2017 2017.03a
  • Possibility to enter a survey date & time
  • Possibility to enter a (small) survey comment
  • Better support for high resolution screen
  • Classic: site code list updated
11/05/2017 2017.02a
  • Possibility to copy/paste elements (works across different homologation files as well)
  • Classic: site code list updated
12/03/2017 2017.01
  • 2017 edition
  • Classic: 1m35 ramp setting check added to dossier
08/12/2016 2016.03e
  • Icons are stretch for high resolution screen
  • Singapore IOC code and site codes changed from SIN to SGP
  • Lebanon IOC code changed from LIB to LBN
  • Classic: some site codes changed
20/06/2016 2016.02c
  • New "Note" element for writting notes about the homologation dossier
  • Besser display on high resolution screen
  • Bug fixes and minor changes
10/06/2016 2016.01b
  • Classic dossier: Max ramp plane deviation corrected
  • Classic: world official list updated
  • Classic: Site code list updated
  • Classic: tolerance of end course cameras corrected
28/03/2016 2016.00
  • Classic: homologation dossier updated for 2016
  • Classic/Disabled: slalom course: End course cameras sighting added
  • Printing dossier: bug corrected: the entire dossier could not be printed at once
31/07/2015 2015.04
  • Jump measurement system: SplashEye added
  • Jump measurement: 3rd Test buoy added
18/07/2015 2015.03
  • Classic: Point 22 (Ramp surface plane) added to check list of Homologation dossier
21/06/2015 2015.02
  • Cableski: Who-beats-who homologation level added
05/05/2015 2015.01
  • Classic official list updated (world wide)
04/03/2015 2015.00
  • Minor changes
28/09/2014 2014.02
  • Course icons updated
29/07/2014 2014.01a
  • Classic official list updated
22/02/2014 2014.00
  • Homologation dossier updated for 2014
26/09/2013 2013.07c
  • Sketch drawing corrected in Jump box when left->right direction selected
  • Theodolite connection: added possibilities to theo files (see Topcon_gpt.theo)
    - to display a measurment trigger button
    - to read horizontal distance directly
13/07/2013 2013.06a
  • Official database is now world wide (thanks to Nigel T.)
  • New Nikon-NPL.theo file
08/04/2013 2013.05b
  • New start window and assistant to simplify creation of new homologation file
19/03/2013 2013.03
  • Homologation dossier updated for 2013
  • Improved Rs232c theodolite connection (over BlueTooth, USB, COM)
10/08/2012 2012.03
  • Course reading: When a buoy used to set the measurement axis is missing, no results are displayed and a yellow warning is shown
11/06/2012 2012.02
  • Classic: E&A official list update
28/03/2012 2012.01
  • Homologation dossiers updated for 2012
  • RS232c transmission bug on Win7 corrected
26/11/2011 2011.05
  • Support for Topcon RS232c transmission added
23/06/2011 2011.04a
  • Classic tricks course corrected
03/06/2011 2011.03
  • New coordinates mode
  • Can add the radius of buoys to polar distance
    for reflector theodolite
  • Classic tricks course changed to 2011 rules
01/04/2011 2011.02
  • 2011 version
  • List of site codes included
28/07/2010 2010.03
  • 2010 version
  • A list of site codes is now include
  • Small changes
  • bug fix on saving site code
03/08/2009 2009.08
  • Barefoot: tolerances for jump course were wrong
21/07/2009 2009.07
  • Fix for Windows 2000: Programm could not start
01/07/2009 2009.06a
  • Bug correction: sometimes, angle change from station did not update the calculation
  • Classic Trick course: Stations measuring added
12/05/2009 2009.05
  • Classic: List of officials update
17/03/2009 2009.03
  • Added: Cableski homologation
  • Cableski course improved
  • Dossier and/or element can be exported as PDF
28/11/2008 2008.11a
  • Added: Disabled 8 buoys slalom course
  • trick course tolerance changed to 230m as per 2009 rule
12/08/2008 2008.07a
  • Added: Classic trick course
  • bug corrected: min and max tolerances inverted for the new trick course
17/06/2008 2008.06
  • bug corrected: In official (judges) list, qualifications was not always kept
12/05/2008 2008.05a
  • bug corrected: 2008 homologation dossier loaded instead of 2007's
03/05/2008 2008.05
  • few improvements
  • List of Eame classic officials updated
27/03/2008 2008.03
  • New classic jump course with 52 and 30m segments
  • New ski flying course
07/06/2007 2007.06
  • Printing of Homologation notice bug corrected
26/02/2007 2007.02a
  • Audio slalom course (for disabled): Rope deviations added
  • List of all EAME classic officials added.
    This allow faster and better input of officials.
  • Better printing of a complete dossier
  • Bug fixes and minor changes
13/01/2007 2007.01a
  • Jump course: Width tolerance for 150m, 180m, 210m buoys corrected
12/05/2006 2006.05a
  • Disabled slalom and jump course, 8 buoys slalom course,
    audio slalom course and disabled dossier
  • print the sketch alone
  • Relative buoy position in sketch corrected
  • Serial connection with Leica theodolite added


Please, report on forum any bug, problem or suggestions, and, if possible, attach file and/or screen shots where the problem happens.