Saving File as a Text File

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Saving File as a Text File

Post by Debbie P » Fri Nov 07, 2008 4:38 am

We have been using the program for our ski race marathons and over a year ago, I updated my versision from a previously one that we used (the one Cherly Ruston uses). I like the one with the changes you made and the verision I have is 2006.01a. One thing I found this year is I am unable to export the data (results) as a text file. It only allows us to save it as a QRP file which we don't have that program.

When we send the data to Cherly, she likes it in a Text Format so she can edit it as necessary for posting but this year I was unable to do that. (she has an older version that allowes her to save as a text file)

Is that something that can be added or has it be added in a newer version with changes.